3 generation house by BETA Office: Adapting with Time and Generation

3 Generation House By Beta Office 7

Building a 3-generation house in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam was the challenge for the BETA office that they triumphantly tackled. The team that consisted of Auguste van Oppen and Evert Klinkenberg with the help of whole lot contributors successfully provide inter-generational living space to the three-generation that occupies the building.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 1

With a view to caring between generations, the family has decided to build a house together. The family already lived in the city, the grandparents living in the province were looking for proximity to urban facilities before their old age.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 3

The grandparents live in a completely ground floor apartment with its own elevator installation and a splendid view over the city. Instead of reducing the vertical access to the house to a necessity, it occupies a central and prominent place in the building. The access transforms upwards into a series of voids and open stairs.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 2

The ground floor of the 3 generation house by BETA Office consists of an office floor in addition to usual facilities such as a kitchen and bedrooms. Thanks to the centrally located access, it was also possible to realize a ‘switch floor’ between the two houses.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 4

Initially, it will be used as a guest floor for the apartment above, but with some minor technical adjustments, this floor can be used for the ground floor.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 5

The building has two strongly contrasting facades. The northern facade is largely closed to limit the thermal loss and noise pollution. To the south, the building opens completely to make use of passive solar heat and the connection to the outside.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 6

From the closed to the open facade, the floor plan undergoes a matching transformation. Where the floor plan is compartmentalized on the north side, there is an open floor plan on the south side.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 7

On the garden side, the house is finished with a balcony layer, which gives the facade an informal character and acts as a filter for the house.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 8

As the building communicates its composition, the materials communicate their purpose. The southern facade, for example, is only clad in glass to underline the relationship with the outside.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 9

The structural walls are constructed of large-format concrete stone, covered with high-quality insulation. The eight-meter-long concrete floors between these walls form a solid surface on which soft elements define the spaces.

3 Generation House By Beta Office 10

The floors are 8 meter wide concrete slabs. Wooden elements are placed on it. This includes functions such as kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, cupboards, etc. The building is a composition of contrasts: closed and bare to the north, light and fragile to the south.




Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode