Since it is an electric bike, Cowboy is claimed to be able to cover distances of up to 50 kilometers in a single charge which lasts for 2.5 hours. The bike lovers gotta spend around $ 2,125 in order to take this electric bike home.

With a classy design plus high-level echelons of specifications, this bike has its own undeniable charm. Vintage Electric Cafe is available for $ 3,995 while those who want to rent the e-bike will be charged $129.

Xiaomi plans to offer Mi HIMO T1 electric bicycles by the means of crowdfunding. After being introduced on April 23, Mi HIMO T1 will begin the shipping process later this year. In its home country, China, the Mi HIMO T1 is sold at 2.999 Yuan or around $ 445.

Following long periods of involvement in the electric bicycle and carbon fiber industry, Carbo is the new definition of how a folding electric bike ought to be: Light, Simple, Durable, Beautiful, and still Affordable. All parts of the bike are interchangeable, making it less demanding than any time in recent memory to change supplant and redesign.

Storta is also designed with a rock shock rear shock. It is located right near the rear wheel of the bike. It is a progressive kinematics back shock absorber.

This bike can reach 20 MPH for the speeds for more than 22 miles only with a single charge.

The UTILITY collection from E3 is designed for your freedom in using an e-bike. With its powerful wheel, responsive and easy handling motor machine, this bike can help you to run errands around the neighborhood and the park.

The five power modes on Scrambler S provide much helps for your need for the intuitive controls. The bigger battery offers a massively powerful 1123 watt-hour lithium power unit for the proven performance. It can support the best work for this awesome off-road bike when you use it.

The electric motor power of STRØM CITY is about up to 350 Watt. The motor of this bike is built with an awesome durability, powerful style, and also silent. STRØM CITY is a lightweight champion because of its weight is only 37 pounds or 17 kgs. With an LED display, you can adjust the bike in 6 different assist levels.

The smaller front wheel expands freight limit and improves soundness, while Shimano's most current 504Wh battery gives clients a chance to move longer. It can make a trip up to 93 miles on a solitary charge.

This bike, which seems to be taking the shape of a mountain bike or MTB, is equipped with RockShox rear suspension and upside down or front suspension forks. The integrated battery to be measured in the range of 840 Wh. No pricing information yet but the company has planned to release the bike in June 2020.

RadRunner is one of the most famous e-bikes since it got an acknowledgment as the best affordable bike of 2018/2019. The price tag of $1,299 clearly does the marketing quite well for the bike that is sleek, fun, and functional that’s part moped, part cargo bike, and totally rad.