The Aeropod Gumball Machine is an imaginative work of fine craftsmanship, enlivened with choice capacity through the fastidious building of its parts.

The design of HUBB is about combining the different configurations with regular contract furniture. It can stand-alone, or integrated into the walls, and also used as a custom-made of dinner style booths.

The Comodo closet will have something to delight the fairies of the home who cannot stand bad smells in their home. In addition to being able to sanitize your shoes, Comodo can also serve as a pouf: you can sit on it to be more comfortable putting on your beautiful, freshly cleaned sneakers.

IKEA has expanded its smart home product range with a special kind of WiFi loudspeaker. Included inside the famous Symfonisk lineup, the latest product from IKEA Symfonisk Picture Frame is already trending since its announcement early this month.

Volvo is getting busy in the race on the electric cars. Recently, the Swedish car manufacturer introduced an electric car concept called the Volvo Concept Recharge.

Getting the design right in any room of the house takes a lot of thought. You need to make sure everything is in the right place and finished to a high standard. When you’re starting from scratch you have one chance to get it right. This quick guide will give you some handy pointers to help you.

It is a major renovation of a deteriorating 1970’s-era house located in Austin, Texas. Renovated by Specht Architects, Cliffside Residence sits on a narrow limestone ridge halfway down a cliff overlooking Lake Austin. This house is designed to enhance the drama of living due to the unusual natural setting on the site.

Located in Bondi, Australia, Bondi House is a renovation project of an existing architect-designed house by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. The architect works with the house's original indoor-outdoor design by installing a wall of joinery and a new kitchen bench for the best result of the renovation.

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Villa Amsterdam is designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture for a young family. This house sits outside of the city center on a large site and surrounded by a midcentury residential neighborhood, framing the stunning views of the natural area, canal, and garden.

The global health crisis has forced most of us to stay inside our homes for extended periods of time — giving us a chance to re-evaluate our living spaces. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air, and people are looking to insert comfort, hope, and positive energy wherever they can ⁠— and this includes home interior design. If you’re looking to change things up and reinvigorate your home interiors, we’ve listed below the top interior design trends that will help you upgrade your home.

This residence is designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates as a home and also an office for the clients. Located in Gifu, Japan, F Residence is a 2015 project that built with one-storey steel structure. Some areas inside the residence are also consolidated into one open space.

First built in 2017 by Ingenhoven Architects, Freiburg Town Hall is the first public net-surplus-energy building in the world. It is located in Freiburg im Breisgau, providing workplaces for 840 employees of the City Administration. The energy demand of this building is as low as 55-kilowatt hours per square meter per year which is only 40 percent of the primary energy demand of modern office buildings.