The legendary Honda Super Cub C125 motorcycle is recently gaining a lot of new premium improvement. The alteration is set to give a more attractive touch and strengthen the retro premium character for its owners.

The Honda Aircraft Company announced the launch of the HondaJet Elite S, which includes several improvements to its flight operations, as well as advanced features that enhance the effectiveness and safety of the aircraft.

The latest cruiser motorbike by Honda is only available in a certain market for now, but it does not rule out the possibility that the 2020 Honda Rebel 500 will later be available globally. The marketed price tag of the Honda Rebel 500 is starting at $ 6.199.

In terms of performance, the changes that have been made are arguably not much. The 644 single cylinders of the Dominator got a 2-in-1 exhaust system with a modified Akrapovic silencer made of stainless steel, the oil cooler comes from the German brand Off The Road.

Special for the 2020 version, Honda Ruckus is offered in two color options, Black and White/Red. Last but not least, the Honda Ruckus 2020 is marketed for $ 2,749 in the US.

As for the price, 2020 Honda Metropolitan is marketed with a price tag of $ 2,499 which in all honesty is quite pricey for an automatic scooter. Well, at least the owner of the scooter will get a luggage space of 22 liters.

All-New Honda CR-V Hybrid has four variants, Hybrid LX, Hybrid EX, Hybrid EX-L, and Hybrid Touring. The cheapest variant of the car has a price tag of $ 27,750 while the most expensive variant of this hybrid car is marketed at $ 35,950.

Kenzo: Honda Gold Wing GL 1000 1977 has 1000cc power along with a new 4into2 exhaust and electric Motogadget M-Unit. As a finishing touch, this motorbike is given a mixed color called Titanium Samurai by DMOL. The Samurai-themed motorbike is estimated to have a $ 75,000 price tag.

The Standard version of Honda e is marketed at € 29,470 in Germany and £ 26,160 in Britain. For the higher variant, the Advance type, Honda put on a price tag of € 32,470 in Germany and £ 28,660 in the UK.

This intriguing outward appearance makes many people choose the Honda Monkey 125 replica as their collection at home. In terms of size, the replica motor made of 1/12 scale plastic model assembly kits that has a length of 142mm, width 63mm, and height of 86mm.

2019 Honda Passport is coming up with a 3.500cc V6 engine capable of producing maximum power of 280 hp with a maximum torque of 354 Nm. The large power will be delivered to the AWD motion system via a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Honda also said that the Autonomous Work Vehicle has got several modes that can be used by users such as "Follow Me", "Pattern" and "A to B". The users just need to activate these modes according to their needs.