Polaroid's instant camera is back. The latest product, Polaroid Now+, looks even more attractive while maintaining the classic instant camera style and adding up-to-date features.

In order to meet the varied needs of modern consumers, Polaroid released the Polaroid Go which is targeted at customers that want a simple and easy photography alternative.

OneStep+ i-Type Camera will make a clear result in a sharp detail, especially for the portrait. The detailed photographs can close as 30 cm or 12 inches away.

InstantKon RF70 is available through their official website and comes with a price tag of $899. The camera-maker is also releasing the product in two different packages. The starter package which priced at $969 will give extra lens and films, while the most expensive package, the ultimate package at $1,079 offers another set of lens, hood, and films plus a neck strap.

The Impossible I-1 provides the creative control that not even the latest premium digital camera can handle. The instant camera is available for $102.

The benefits and target consumers of Flex Cam Oppy may be equated with the Polaroid Cube. But when the Cube feature is limited, on the freedom side, the product from the South Korean startup is clearly superior. Flex Cam can be paired in the hand as a bracelet, or in bags, buckles, legs, skateboards to bicycle handlebars - without mounting. Each method provides unique video results.