Urban mobility is now getting more crowded with the heavy adoption of green technology that came under the wrap of electric scooter products. Several producers have succeeded in gaining public interest for this form of low-cost, easy-to-use transportation by using a variety of approaches. Aside from electric automobiles, several of these electric moped goods are also proving to be extremely popular on the market.

Segway continues to explore the robotics industry and add variety to its products since it was acquired by Ninebot in 2015. Most recently, the company officially get into the lawnmower category through a product called the Segway Navimow. What distinguishes the Segway robot over other lawnmower products is the level of intelligence.

The company plans to continue developing the S-Pod to be able to adopt autonomous technology. Unfortunately, the company is still keeping all the information such as the main and secondary features or the price range of the product close to their chest.

Segway ensures that all safety features exist such as the addition of a bumper and more compact component design. To add to the current style, Segway also ensures that the users of Drift W1 can control the customizable LED at the bottom. A pair of Drift W1 can be purchased for $ 379.

The Ninebot GoKart can be adjusted in size for children to adults. The length of the Ninebot Go Kart Kit can be stretched to make it more elongated. Adults can still enjoy this vehicle, or with children, they can play together. The Ninebot can be extended to adjust the rider's foot and adjust the speed on the pedal.

The controlling capacity implies that Concept-I WALK riders don't need to move their body weight to arrange twists and turns. The low floor makes it simple for individuals to get on and off, with no confinement of age, sexual orientation or notwithstanding apparel.

The iBOT is a revolutionary motorized wheelchair with two sets of powered wheels that can be rotated to allow the user to “walk” up and down stairs.

YikeBike delivers your personal freedom in which the design offers an indulgence, fun, and freedom encompassed inside technology. But to get this "fun and freedom" thingy you have to pay USD$4995 for the V model and USD$7995 for the C Model.