Nike Air Max 270, New Air Max Line for Lifestyle

Amazing Nike Air Max Shoes Design 201

Nike Air Max Day 2018 saw the release of Air Max’s first lifestyle shoes. Learn about the new Air Max series and why they are unique.


Nike’s legendary Air Max series have just seen the first lifestyle shoes from this line. Nike Air Max 270 was released on the Air Max Day 2018, combining style and technology to create the ultimate leisure shoes. Air Max 270 brought amazing features to fulfill the expectations of hardcore Air Max fans.

About Air Max 270

Air Max 270 is the new line inspired by classic favorites, Air Max 93 and Air Max 180. Unlike the previous Air Max series, which were designed for athletes, the 270 series are lifestyle shoes with sporty aesthetics. The shoes are available for men, women, and kids.

Air Max 270 has several unique features in its designs. For example, it has 32 mm-high sole, which is the highest among other Air Max models. The thick sole is combined with mesh outer fabric to give the ultimate comfort on your feet.

The line retains Air Max’s comfortable sole with superior feet support technology. You can feel comfortable even when going out all day long.

Air Max 270 Design Options

Air Max 270 is available in numerous color options, from the one-color type to eight colors. The shoes offer a wide range of colors, from neutral shades (black, white, grey), to bright colors such as red, blue, teal, and rose. The designs were created to match various casual outfits’ colors and models.

Nike also provides more freedom for buyers of Air Max 270. There are several shoes from this line that are available for customization. You can visit the Air Max page in the Nike Store official website and find shoes that have “Customize” label on their pictures. After designing your shoes, you can immediately send them to your cart or share your ideas.

The release of Air Max 270 on Air Max Day shows Nike’s commitment to bring the best of its history in more contemporary ways. Make your casual outing more comfortable with the new Air Max series.



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