Arado weeHouse: An Original weeHouse with Douglas Fir Interior

Arado WeeHouse 7

Arado weeHouse is an original weeHouse with 336 SF in size, built in-factory by Geoffrey Warner and a team of craftsmen. Located on Minnesota prairie land near Lake Pepin, the main highlight of this original weeHouse is its douglas fir interior.



Arado WeeHouse 4

Arado WeeHouse 5

From this original weeHouse, a violinist and her family can enjoy a comfortable living and a beautiful surrounding lake landscape.

Douglas fir dominates the interior surface of this original weeHouse. Inside, there is also an IKEA built-in cabinetry, kitchen elements, and floor-to-ceiling Andersen windows.



Arado WeeHouse 6

Arado WeeHouse 7


Arado WeeHouse 2

Arado WeeHouse 3

A rustic yet hardy finish comes from the exterior that is clad in cementitious siding painted with an oxidizing paint.

Completed in 2003, the cost of this original weeHouse was approximately $60,000. Now, it becomes the iconic image for the weeHouse identity.


Arado weeHouse Gallery

Photographer: Doug Fogelson