Ardmore Residence by UNStudio: A Residential Tower with Four Key Design Concepts

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 5

It is a 36-storey residential tower that occupies a prime location near the Orchard Road retail district in Singapore. Ardmore Residence is designed by UNStudio for the Pontiac Land Group with four key design concepts to respond to its unique landscape. This project is started in 2006 and completed in 2013.


Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 1

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 2

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 3

This residential tower provides awesome views of the surrounding green areas and Singapore’s cityscape. There are four key design concepts that used for this project: an open framework on ground level which creates connectivity and transparency, an interior ‘living landscape’ concept which connects inside and outside, wide-ranging panoramic views, and varying organic facade patterns and textures.



Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 4

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 5

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 6

The facade of the building comes from the intertwining surfaces and lines that weave the structural elements and sun screening into the continuous line. These facets come together as a modular structure that is repeated in every four floors. There is a rounded glass that creates column-free corners, merging the outdoor balconies and the interior spaces. The large bay windows and double-height balconies can afford an awesome view with an indoor-outdoor experience.



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Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 8

Ardmore Residence By UNStudio 9

The aims of this tower are to break out the replicated skyscrapers’ monotony that dominates the 21st-century Asian cities’ skylines, joining the vertical architecture new generation with integral plantations, tailored silhouettes, and luxurious amenities for residents combined to create a living landscape.


Ardmore Residence Gallery


Photographer: © Iwan Baan