Atelier for Calligrapher by Kochi Architect’s Studio: A Large Atelier Space and A Small Villa inside A Simple Building

Atelier For Calligrapher By Kochi Architect’s Studio 2

This 2004 project is called Atelier for Calligrapher, designed by Kochi Architect’s Studio for a calligrapher. Located in Japan, this simple building includes a large atelier space and a small villa with a rooftop that asked by a client for stunning views of the surrounding.


Atelier For Calligrapher By Kochi Architect’s Studio 1

This house site is on a hill at the foot of Yatsugatake and there are also rice fields in front. This simple building is built and designed for the client who is a calligrapher, includes a small villa and a large atelier space. A rooftop for a view of rice fields is also asked by the client and there is also no need to remove the snow from the roof.



Atelier For Calligrapher By Kochi Architect’s Studio 2

If the form of walls and ceilings can define the interior experience inside the building, it may be applied to the relationship between the building’s exterior form and the outside. As the result, this simple building can be connected to the outside that exceeding its actual size. These are the starting point for the design of this project.


Atelier for Calligrapher Gallery


Photographer: Daichi Ano