16 Bergere Chair Designs

If you love to have a cozy chair in your home, then you need to have at least one of Bergere. Bergere is an armchair which is famous in the 18th century. It has a classic design style with a little bit European style accent. This armchair is perfect to be used in a living room as a single furniture. You can use it as your main furniture in the reading room too. Today, the Bergere comes with random design and styles. Even some of them are designed with a modern style so it can be used for any modern home. Here are 16 Bergere designs for you to choose.


1. Antique Bergere Design

Bergere Design 1

Source: Pinterest

This kind of Bergere chair has an antique design even it looks a little bit simple with one color only. It still has a classic value of the 18th century for your home.


2. White Bergere with Fireplace

Bergere Design 2

Source: Pinterest

The best place to your Bergere in your home is next to the fireplace. You can feel more comfortable when you sit, especially when winter comes.


3. Bergere with Versailles Design

Bergere Design 3

Source: Pinterest

Versailles is a name of a palace for Louis XIV in Paris. This palace name becomes the famous design name for furniture, including the Bergere.


4. Eye-Catching Bergere

Bergere Design 4

Source: Pinterest

The Bergere can be also designed with colorful style too. This colorful design will be perfect to be combined with the colorful room too.


5. Handcrafted Bergere Chair

Bergere Design 5

Source: Pinterest

This handcrafted Bergere chair is a chair with the hardwood frame. The design looks classic which is awesome for your classic home.


6. Bergere with Wing Back Design

Bergere Design 6

Source: Pinterest

Some of Berger chair design is made with the wing back for both sides. These wing backs make the chair becomes more comfortable.


7. Double Berger for Sunroom

Bergere Design 7

Source: Pinterest

You don’t always have to get a bench or some wooden furniture with modern style for your sunroom. Try to see from a different view by using some Bergere chairs.


8. French Wing Back Bergere

Bergere Design 8

Source: Pinterest

This kind of wing back Bergere chair has a strong style of French, both on the wooden frame and also the pattern on the chair. You will get an antique furniture if you have it at home.


9. Pretty White Bergere

Bergere Design 9

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want to have a classic furniture in your home, then you can choose a Berger with a simple design. Usually, it has a pretty white color on it.


10. Antique Wing Back Bergere

Bergere Design 10

Source: Pinterest

It will be more special if you can have a wing back Bergere chair in your home because of its antique design and style. You will get an additional value for your home furniture.


11. Stylish Bergere Design

Bergere Design 11

Source: Pinterest

Some of the stylish Bergere chairs are not only perfect for the front design but also the back design of it. You may find a Bergere chair with a beautiful pattern on the back part of the chair.


12. Colorful Bergere Chair

Bergere Design 12

Source: Pinterest

This colorful Bergere chair has double design styles on it. It still has a classic style but the color of the pattern makes it looks awesome and also modern.


13. Gold Bergere Design with Mirror

Bergere Design 13

Source: Pinterest

It is an important thing to match your furniture with all things around your room. Just like this gold Bergere chair. It has a cool match with the gold mirror on the wall.


14. Natural Bergere Design

Bergere Design 14

Source: Pinterest

This Bergere chair has a natural design on it and it is completed with the ottoman too. It will be better if you can have them with the same design and style.


15. Bergere Chair for Living Room

Bergere Design 15

Source: Pinterest

As you can see, the Bergere chair looks perfect with all stuff in the living room. It matches to the sofa, the tables, and even the rug.


16. French Bergere Design

Bergere Design 16

Source: Pinterest

The design of the French Berger design often seems more simple than another Bergere design. You can use this kind of Bergere chair when you want to have a more wooden element with the furniture.

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