15 Blue Wedding Ideas

If you don’t want to use a white color for your wedding theme, then you can choose another color. For example, blue wedding theme for all of your wedding stuff and decoration. The blue color is not only a strong color but also a cool which is also perfect for the groom. You may need to design your wedding cake too in a blue color. You will not only a beautiful wedding day but also a cool wedding theme that can give you the best memories ever. Here are 15 blue wedding ideas for you.


1. Navy Blue and White Table Cover

Blue Wedding Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

Look at those wedding tables. They are decorated nicely with the navy blue color and white color. The centerpiece is also simple with only one vase of the flower.


2. Blue-Purple Orchid with Floating Candle

Blue Wedding Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

This floating candle will be not interesting at all without the blue-purple orchid flower inside it. It can be used to decor your wedding table.


3. Navy Blue and Gold Wedding Centerpiece

Blue Wedding Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

The combination of the navy blue and the sparkling gold are perfect for this wedding table. The lantern makes the table so natural for the outdoor wedding.


4. Blue Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

From the outside, this white wedding cake looks simple. But inside the cake, you will find a navy blue color of the yummy cake.


5. Blue Wedding Chair

Blue Wedding Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

The blue color can also be used to decor the groom and the bride chairs. Just using one navy blue fabric, you can easily beautify the chairs.


6. Mercury Glass Centerpiece

Blue Wedding Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

The blue flower and the mercury glass become the most beautiful wedding centerpiece. It is a cool decoration for any wedding table design.


7. Blue and Purple Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

The purple and blue dendrobium orchids on this awesome cake is a good idea to bring a blue theme to your wedding.


8. Wedding Cake with Blue Orchid

Blue Wedding Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

The blue color is perfect can be found on orchids. That’s why when you need to have a blue wedding cake, you can decorate the cake with the blue orchids.


9. Simple Blue Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

This wedding cake has a simple decoration and also a small size. But it still looks gorgeous with the blue and white color, including the flowers.


10. Blue Wedding Table for Reception

Blue Wedding Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

When you have a wedding reception, you can try to bring the blue color accent with the table cover. Don’t forget to decorate it with some natural centerpieces.


11. Blue and White Wedding Candies

Blue Wedding Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

Besides the cake, you can also make some snack in blue color. This color will invite all the wedding guest to eat the snacks.


12. Blue Wedding Drink

Blue Wedding Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

If you have a beach wedding, this blue wedding drink will be perfect to be served. Don’t forget to write a seawater sign too near it.


13. Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Blue Wedding Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

You can start to use the blue theme in your wedding by creating a blue wedding invitation. As you can see, this wedding invitation has a beautiful blue watercolor design on it.


14. Blue Country Rustic Wedding Decor

Blue Wedding Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

This wedding decor has a cool style. It has a blue accent color with the country and rustic style. You can use this decoration for your country wedding too.


15. Blue Wedding Flower

Blue Wedding Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

Don’t forget about the wedding flower too for the bride. You can combine the blue and white flower which is matching to the bride dress.

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