Unusual Brochure Designs to Create Strong Impression

Cool Brochure Design Idea (24)

Brochure design needs to be striking to draw attention. Here are five unique and unusual designs that create a strong impression.


We may get promotional materials from the internet nowadays, but brochures still have strong effects. However, you cannot just use a regular brochure design to get the desired result. Modern brochures need to be eye-catching and unique, but still be able to deliver the brand identity.

Here are several unique and eye-catching brochure design ideas you can adopt for your own business.

1. Accordion art panels

A long brochure is typically formed like an accordion when opened. However, you can spice it up by creating art panels in the “accordion”. For example, you can create unique cutout tops or even comic-style arts on each brochure page, depending on what you advertise.

2. Folded “opening” brochure

Many new brochure designs change the way it folds by making the brochure “opens”, like flower petals. If the flower looks too casual or feminine, you can switch it into a triangle with multiple folds. When the brochure is opened, you can see its full content.

3. Brochure with 3D art

3D art can make a regular brochure looks amazing. You can place the 3D art on the front page or use it to emphasize the embellished parts, such as special offers, main product features, and accompanying artworks. You can also use 3D art for all the visual elements inside the brochure, but leave the letters.

4. Pop-up brochure

Pop-up brochure creates a nice element of surprise when people open it. The pop-up style invokes the warmth of childhood book imagination, and people can be easily lured to buy the products.

5. Brochure with cutout letters

Using large fonts as the front part of a brochure are common. However, you can improve the look by adding cutout letters. Use colorful or metallic tones, which will look more exclusive and expensive.

Brochure still becomes one of the most popular marketing tools, despite the growing numbers of online promotional tools. These brochure design ideas are not only unique, but also will grasp the attention quickly.



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