Casa Kalyvas: A Balance between Intimate Moments and Surrounding Great Views

Casa Kalyvas 34

The main idea of Casa Kalyvas is about creating a balance between intimate moments inside the house and the great views outside. It is a 2017 project by Di Frenna Arquitectos located in Mexico with 480 m2 in size.



Casa Kalyvas 1

Casa Kalyvas 2

Casa Kalyvas 3

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Casa Kalyvas 5

The exploded volumes create the house’s atmosphere and the spaces’ distribution as well. It is volumetric management that creates 5 facades composed of rings of steel beams, parota wood, regional stone, and tiled concrete.



Casa Kalyvas 6

Casa Kalyvas 7

Casa Kalyvas 8

Casa Kalyvas 9

Casa Kalyvas 10

There are no physical limits on the property in this project. The parota wood can create a play of changing shadows and lights within the exterior and interior spaces of the house. It also transforms into huge lattices to freshen the house.



Casa Kalyvas 11

Casa Kalyvas 12

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Casa Kalyvas 16

The composed volume in this house creates channels of freshness and wind that can be invited into the house thanks to the house orientation and the location of the openings.

This project is about living outside in a cozy single space without any divisions by walls.


Casa Kalyvas Gallery

Photographer: Oscar Hernández