Casa La Blanca: A Modern House with A Bright Interior and White Walls

Casa La Blanca 14

Di Frenna Arquitectos has completed a 2018 project in Mexico called Casa La Blanca. It is a modern house with a bright interior and white walls. The U-shaped floor plan can help the house to separate the social and private spaces.



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A lattice screen disappears within the white walls during the day and a screen of light and shadow appears on the facade at night. Just like a typical Mexican house, it is widely used to protect the house from strong climatic changes, giving privacy and security as well.



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It is a house with a complete interior environment and U-shaped floor plan, separating private space on the upper floor and social space on the ground floor. The lattices handcrafted in white concrete fade within the house’s wall to create a uniform shape in the house’s set of volumes.



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The horseshoe shape of this house is placed in such a way to create protection from the sun and an interior patio. The pool, red tree, and fountain can create the heart of the house beautifully.

The interior of this house is illuminated by its open and white bays. The house spaces are united and also defined by changes in unevenness and height. The interior and exterior of this house are surrounded by vegetation to highlight the site’s tropical environment and Parota trees.


Casa La Blanca Gallery

Photographer: Lorena Darquea