Casa Nicte-há: A Set of Volumes Made of Five Materials

Casa Nicte Há 2

Designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos, Casa Nicte-há is an awesome house that consists of a set of volumes made of five different materials. The goal is to achieve thermal insulation and give naturalness to the house.


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The name of Nicté – ha comes from the Mayan, the mythical origin of an aquatic plant with floating leaves and pretty white flowers that have a delicate perfume. This name is given to the house due to its floating overhang on the front facade and its height and proximity to the lake on the rear facade.



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This house consists of a set of volumes that are made up of concrete. This material is used to match the earth tone, mixing with the same buried stone that is called Potrero Stone.

The kitchen is the heart of the house that is integrated with the rest of the spaces in a double height to create an interactive and familiar house.

This house is also designed with a lot of sets of heights and levels with integrated interior-exterior spaces due to the warm climate of the city.



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There are five materials for the general use in this project: wood, steel beams, stone from the area, and apparent beige concrete. These materials are chosen to give the house naturalness and also to achieve thermal insulation for the city’s warm climate.

With 518.0 m2, the result of this project is a cozy house that can adapt to the climate of the site where the house sits with a connection to its surrounding nature.


Casa Nicte-há Gallery

Photographer: Onnis Luque