How Drip Coffee Maker Design Works

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Electric drip coffee maker design is simple, efficient, and perfect for quick brewing. Here is how the machine work.


Electric drip is probably the most popular coffee maker design in the world. Millions of people turn on this machine every morning, getting brewed coffee in a short time. This coffee maker has a simple but effective design that makes it relatively unchanged for more than three decades.

Main Parts of Electric Drip Coffee Maker

You can find numerous brands and models of electric drip coffee maker, but all of them have these main parts:

  • Water reservoir
  • Ground coffee container and filter
  • Drip area or “shower head”
  • Water tube that connects a water reservoir to the heating element
  • Water tube that sends water to drip area
  • Coffee pot and tray

Depending on the model, some coffee makers may have additional features, such as alarm clock, automatic turn-on and turn-off, and even Wi-Fi connection.

How Electric Drip Machine Makes Coffee

The design of an electric drip machine makes coffee in simple steps, from the water reservoir to heater, ground coffee, shower head, and finally the coffee jar. They are:

  1. Water heating

After you fill the water reservoir, the liquid will automatically pour into the heating space through one of the tubes. When you turn on the machine, the heating pad will heat up the water.

  1. Water dripping

When the water is boiling, it slowly rises through the second (smaller) tube. It later flows to the drip area, where the ground coffee is waiting.

  1. Coffee dripping

When the hot water arrives in the drip area, it will be spread evenly by the shower head. The hot water slowly drips on the ground coffee, creating hot coffee.

At this point, you must be ready with the coffee pot under the machine, because the coffee drips automatically.

Benefits of Drip Coffee Maker Design

Electric drip design is the most convenient coffee maker. You only need to set the machine to make coffee at the designated time. You don’t need to worry about the amount of ingredients you must pour. One coffee machine can make enough beverage for many people.

Electric drip is a simple, efficient coffee maker design that makes it loved by coffee lovers around the world. If you want convenience, make sure to have this machine at home.



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