Coopers Shoot Residence: A Luxury Residence with Rooftop Gardens

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Completed in 2019 by Zaher Architects, Coopers Shoot Residence is a residential project of a luxury residence in Australia. The main features of this house are not only the rooftop gardens but also the timber cladding and off-grid solar power and water.



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This residence sits in Australia’s picturesque Northern Rivers Region overlooking the rolling hinterlands of Byron Bay.

With monumental intent, major structural elements are used to create bold horizontal lines. This residence has a sense of grandeur that matches well with the site, expansive views, and a ridgetop setting.

It is a perfect house to experience the luxurious interior and a sense of lightness of the structure.



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The client of this project wants to invite the site’s beauty into this residence in various ways.

The brief offers a ridgetop area with the potential for cozy year-round indoor/outdoor living and enjoyable expansive views. There is also a vision for quality inclusions from the client who also shares a commitment to finding the best solutions together with the architects.



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It is an elegant, low-maintenance property with a contemporary design where one can celebrate a relaxed lifestyle. Indoor is woven to outdoor through rooftop gardens and view framing.

It is easy to operate different elements in this residence thanks to the specific design actions across the structure. The result is optimal living conditions that can be enjoyed every day by the family.



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Coopers Shoot Residence is an awesome project with a bold spacious design designed by the architect. The whole result of this project also matches the sustainability values of the client.

Pared-back interior decor, the economy of structural materials, and the classic simplicity of form can emphasize curated surfaces and a sense of spaciousness.

The design not only delivers a luxurious look but also ensures the awesome exterior views remain the signature features of this residence.


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Images Source: Zaher Architects