Cremorne Laneway: A Compact New House with A Playful Interpretation

Cremorne Laneway 2

Located on a subdivided rear yard in Cremorne, Cremorne Laneway is a completed project by Sandberg Schoffel Architects. It is a compact new house with a playful interpretation of traditional forms that comes from its compressed pitched roof form.



Cremorne Laneway 1

Cremorne Laneway 6

Cremorne Laneway 7

Cremorne Laneway 8

Cremorne Laneway 9

Cremorne Laneway 10

It is an infill project that adds a compact new house. The house is placed on a block at the two laneways’ intersection.

In the streetscape, the compressed pitched roof form is expressed to add a playful interpretation of traditional forms into the urban character within the surrounding area that has identity change.

The plan of the house can provide complete amenities. The roof, with its unique form, can create a sense of delight in the living areas.


Cremorne Laneway Gallery

Photography: Sandberg Schoffel Architects