5 Exterior Accessories to Get First for Custom VW Beetle

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Custom VW Beetle is now considered a precious ride. These exterior accessories will improve your old Beetle into a work of art.


After Volkswagen announced its plan to stop VW Beetle production, this car has become a prized possession among many. Custom VW Beetle is likely to soar in value, especially if your customizations are good. While the Beetle is great in its skin, adding exterior accessories will make it more personalized and higher in value.

Here are 5 exterior accessories you can try to improve your VW Beetle.

1. Body kits

The body kits create a subtle but still-noticeable impact on your car. Your Beetle will be protected from typical bumping damages, such as a runaway shopping cart or parking lot dings.

  1. Chrome trims

Chrome trims and emblems make any regular car into a sleek, modern vehicle. You can install the trims to accentuate the Beetle’s headlights, grills, and door handles. Combine these trims with sleek, shiny paint to create a modern look. You can also order customized emblems to give your Beetle a personal identity.

3. Light covers

Regular light covers help protecting your Beetle’s lights from damages, such as scratches, bumps, and weather exposure. They also protect the lights from flying debris when you are driving through a rough road. These covers are available for regular and fog lights. Ask the seller if the products have UV inhibitor that prevents discoloration or fading.

4. Front-end covers

Also known as “car bras,” the front-end covers help to protect your Beetle from typical road damages. They are usually made of vinyl with the leather-like finish, which makes your car look tough and stylish. High-quality covers don’t need to be removed after rain.

5. Spoilers

Spoilers are either loved or hated, but a sensible spoiler on a Beetle improves its look. Car accessory stores usually sell lip and factory-style spoilers for Beetle. Their function is not just about style, but also performance. A properly-installed spoiler helps to increase the car’s aerodynamic quality and to reduce gas mileage.

Make your custom VW Beetle a source of envy for other car owners. Start from these basic exterior accessories to improve your car’s style and performance.



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