Datuan Villa by Office Coastline: a modern weekend house for dynamic couple

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 12

A young couple has a homestead in Datuan Town, Shanghai. The client then trusted the Office Coastline who takes care of the 320 m² area with care under the project Datuan Villa.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 12

The couple intends to build a new suburban residence for the weekend getaway. The Datuan Villa by Office Coastline is located in a unique environment.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 13

On one side, the villa is surrounded by loose fields, small rivers, elevated roads, and a series of farmer houses. On the other side of the river, to the southwest of the plot, is the famous Da Tuan Taoyuan.

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The design of the house is a modernist white cubic box, which is different from the surrounding colorful neighbors. There is a large window in the south living room, and the entrance door is treated as a hidden.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 11

The appearance of the house is relatively introverted, but an outward-facing balcony is added to the west facing the river. The building plot is not large, and the content requirements of the residence almost fully support the three-story volume.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 10

The first floor is an open layout plan, and people can go around in a circle and walk towards the semi-sunken restaurant from three different directions.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 9

Two staircases connect the whole building in series. The one from the first floor to the second floor is a straight single-run staircase, which forms a diagonal line in the two-story space that leads directly to the central area of the house.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 8

The activity room on the second floor has a cubic-like proportion, dark and empty. When the scenery outside the window comes in through the north window, the light is diffusely reflected and the shadow is relatively soft, creating a quiet atmosphere in the room.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 7

At the other end of the second floor are children’s rooms and guest rooms. The two rooms have turquoise and light blue overall cabinets, and the color is related to the corresponding scenery outside the window.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 5

From the second floor to the third floor is a three-fold staircase. During the process of going upstairs, the view of the farmland outside the window to the north also changed its angle and walked slowly to the bedroom on the third floor.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 6

The top floor is the master suite and two terraces of different heights. The bedroom is directly connected to an enclosed terrace, with a small window at the corner of the wall, framed the view of Taoyuan in the southwest and the sunset.

Datuan Villa By Office Coastline 3


Photography: Alessandro Wang

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