DIY Home Décor Inspired by Four Seasons

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DIY home décor based on four seasons is a great way to create atmosphere. Here are simple ideas to welcome the new season with decorations.


If you love the changing of seasons, you can celebrate each of them by installing associated home décor. Many DIY home décor ideas take inspirations from different seasons, creating a unique atmosphere inside the house. Here are some simple ideas you can try right away.

1. Spring

Bring spring into the house by creating mini flower arrangements. Unlike large arrangements, they can be placed on narrow spaces. You can use old teacups, small bottles, used cans, or small bowls to make them. Place large blooms in the middle and surround them with smaller buds.

2. Summer

Bring a beach vibe to your house by creating a vine wreath with seashells. The main materials are basic grapevine wreath and as many seashells as you can collect (find them at your local beach!). Clean the shells and let them dry before you turn them into decoration. Use hot glue gun to stick the shells on the grapevine wreath. Add little touches like colorful pebbles or dried leaves. Hang it on your front door or in the bedroom.

3. Fall

Have aromatic candles ready for fall? Put them in DIY mason jar candle holders. Get mason jars with large mouths (for easy candle maneuvering). Prepare touch paper to make decal and spray paint or craft paint. Create a leaf cutout on the paper and place it on the side of the jar. Paint the rest of the jar. Let it dry before peeling off the paper cutout. Fill the jar with pebbles and place your aromatic candle inside.

4. Winter

Create a rustic winter decoration by combining natural elements in a regular flower pot. Pick the one that is a little higher and wider. Find several thin logs, pinecones, evergreen branches, and pebbles. Place a crumbled paper bags in the middle of the pot and arrange the logs around it. Insert the pinecones, branches, and twigs between the small spaces. Wrap them with small string lights for a more festive look.

These DIY home décor ideas are easy but eye-catching. Make your home perfect when welcoming new season with these unique decorations.




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