DIY Rustic Wall Décor Ideas for a Countryside-themed Room

Wonderful DIY Rustic Wall Decor Idea 40

Here are some ideas of DIY rustic wall décor that can help to turn your interior into a countryside room.


Rustic design is closely associated with a farmhouse or a countryside-themed room. Its vintage features are always able to create a comfortable and homey ambiance at your home, especially when they are used as wall décor. Despite low decoration budget, you can adorn your interior by creating rustic wall décor in a do-it-yourself project. Involving repurposed items that are easy to find, here are some ideas of DIY rustic wall decors to vamp up your interior.

1. Rustic Pallet Frames

A décor which serves another purpose as a picture frame will make your wall look more exciting. Besides, it can display the best shoot or the most memorable picture of your family. To create this decoration item, simply stick three pieces of small-sized wooden pallets, then add a clip in the center part to hang the photo. You can paint the frames in a similar shade of color as your wall paint.

2. Mason Jar Wall Décor

In addition to containing your homemade jam, a mason jar can be used as a decorative feature for your rustic wall décor. Bolt the jar into a plank of sturdy wood before you hang it on the wall. A wall décor made of mason jar can be used as a wall vase to hold your fresh or artificial flowers.

3. Adorned Cotton Wreath

You don’t need to wait for the holiday season to hang a wreath on the wall or the door. With the concept of rustic décor, a wreath can serve as a complementary feature for your wall decoration. To make it more durable, create a flower wreath using cotton instead of the real leaves or branches. Besides placing it on the wall, you can hang the cotton wreath on the window frame.

Some rustic wall decors ideas mentioned above will do the job in reliving the ambiance of a farmhouse. Remember to always follow the main rule of rustic design, that is, repurposing old materials and antique furniture.



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