5 Food Packaging Design Trends for Contemporary Products

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From doodle-decorated to word-based labels, here are five food packaging design trends to adopt in your new business.


Design trends evolve with time, just like everything else in the design and marketing world. Food packaging designs have also seen changes in trends. Now, the design trend has become more varied and unexpected, with visual elements that often defy conventional packaging designs.

Here are five current trends in food packaging designs that you can consider for your new product.

1. Playing with shapes

Say goodbye to conventional boxes, packs, and bottles. The new design trends bring packaging to the next level by playing with shapes. It is now easy to find food packages that have unique shapes or physical looks, such as juice in fruit-shaped bottles or snacks in animal-shaped packages.

2. Words as visual attractions

Packages usually use logos or images as the visual attractions, but the new trend brings the words to the front. Instead of logos, many food packages use words and sentences associated with the products on the labels. This is used to show the brand identities more clearly. To make distinctions, manufacturers may play with font sizes, types, and colors.

3. Doodle-type illustrations

The popularity of highly-detailed doodles has spread to food packaging trend. You can find beverages, snacks, and even pet foods that have doodle-type illustrations on their packages or labels. Doodles create modern, fresh, fun, and hip look. While the doodles look casual, they were still designed with great care, and able to carry the brand identities through the designs.

4. Pastel shades

The explosion of bright colors and detailed illustrations have made some manufacturers return to subtler designs. Pastel shades are eye-pleasing and create inviting vibes for the products. Pastel shades also create warmth and ease, making the prospective buyers feel that they are not “rushed” into buying.

5. Back to vintage

Vintage design is making a comeback these past years. The vintage design gives the air of quality assurance, and it also looks elegant. Some manufacturers combine vintage design with slightly modern elements, such as streaks of bright colors.

These food packaging trend designs will help you make an impact in new business. Try playing with these elements when brainstorming for your packages.



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