Getting to Know the Latest Generations of Ford Truck Design

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These F-Series latest generations will give you a glimpse of the recent improvement in the Ford truck design.


Ford truck is manufactured by one of the most prominent vehicle companies in the world, Ford Motor Company. Under its marketing name, Ford F-Series, Ford truck provides a series of large road vehicles in light-duty and medium-duty classification. The series’ first generation was manufactured in the 1940s. To this day, there have been thirteen generations of Ford truck design with various developments and improvements.

Let’s get to know the latest generations of Ford truck series which have been manufactured since 2004.

Eleventh Generation

The eleventh generation of Ford truck series was introduced in 2004 and manufactured until 2008. Different from its predecessor which offers a 2-valve version, this model provides a 3-valve version in the new platform.

Moreover, the truck model in this generation is built in a sportier design. It features sharper edges and four doors instead of two. The doors at the back also provide access to behind-the-seat storage, making the vehicle more practical and functional.

Twelfth Generation

Replacing the eleventh generation, the next development of Ford truck design was launched in 2009. It served as an update of the full-size truck platform that has been introduced in the former models. However, it only provides two doors in the standard cab style. Ford Motor Company continued to manufacture this model until 2014.

Thirteenth Generation

The thirteenth and latest generation was introduced in 2015. It is continuously manufactured until the present. The distinctive features that this model offers include stronger material and lighter physical design. Almost all parts of the body panel in the current model are made from aluminum, replacing the old models which used steel for the external body.

The latest generations of Ford truck above are the realization of the vehicle company’s main objective: designing a tougher model with improved capability and better fuel economy. They also offer a few glimpses of how Ford truck design will develop in the future.


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