15 Girly Bedroom Designs

Surely, the girl will wish to have a girl bedroom too for their private room. The girly bedroom is always identical to the beautiful and pretty looks. It is also about the color that the bedroom has, like pink, white, gold, and other bright colors. The bedroom design for the girl will be also an awesome bedroom if it has some pattern decors, especially the bed. If you one of an amazing girl with the best bedroom ever, here are some examples of girly bedroom designs for you.


1. Girly Bedroom Decor

Girly Bedroom Designs 1

Source: Pinterest

Using one shelf and a beautiful light string to decor your girly bedroom is enough. It looks simple and also pretty as well.


2. Girl Room with Built-In Bunk

Girly Bedroom Designs 2

Source: Pinterest

When your girls need to share one room, then you should give them a built-in bunk. This kind of bed will give them more spaces to play.


3. Sweet Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 3

Source: Pinterest

The white bed and furniture make this bedroom look cozy. The light string on the wall right above the bed is the best thing to make the bedroom cute.


4. Grey Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 4

Source: Pinterest

If you need another color to be used together with the pink color, you’d better choose the grey color. This girly bedroom has an awesome design with the color and the things.


5. Luxury Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 5

Source: Pinterest

The luxury interior design of this girly bedroom is a totally perfect design. The pink and white colors fit well with the furniture and also the chandelier.


6. Colorful Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 6

Source: Pinterest

This girly bedroom has a colorful interior design on some stuff, like the pink bed, the yellow fur rug, the pink table, and even the black mirror.


7. Girly Bedroom with Pink Wall

Girly Bedroom Designs 7

Source: Pinterest

The pink wall is a perfect wall color for your little girl room, just like this bedroom. The decoration is also complete with the cute frames, the rug, and even the book racks.


8. Industrial Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 8

Source: Pinterest

It is a cool combination of a girly style with the industrial style. The bed looks contrast with the industrial room but it looks awesome.


9. Girly Pink Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 9

Source: Pinterest

The tufted headboard with the ruffled bedding and the blush pink rug create a cute pinky bedroom. Even the curtain has the similar color too.


10. Little Girl Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 10

Source: Pinterest

The little girl sometimes will not feel enough with the girly style of her bedroom. She will wish for more things inside the bedroom with a lot of decoration in it.


11. Turquoise and Pink Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 11

Source: Pinterest

The turquoise and pink color are two perfect colors that can be combined in one room, including for the girly bedroom design.


12. Girly Master Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 12

Source: Pinterest

This master bedroom has an elegant of luxury interior design. It looks so perfect with the combination of grey, pink, and white colors.


13. Awesome Girly Bedroom

Girly Bedroom Designs 13

Source: Pinterest

This bedroom gets some of the awesome stuff. You can see the fur pillows, the cute rug, the gold lamp, and also the wallpaper are making this bedroom looks so girly.


14. Girly Bedroom with Hidden Space

Girly Bedroom Designs 14

Source: Pinterest

The hidden space in this girl bedroom is so cool. It can be used to put the book rack and it can be decorated with some curtains.


15. Girly Bedroom with Black Interior

Girly Bedroom Designs 15

Source: Pinterest

You can try this idea for your bedroom. It has a contrast color design with the light and dark color. The bed has the light color style and the whole room is decorated with black color. Unique but still good.

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