How to Make Your Graphic Designer Resume Design Not Lame

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Graphic designer resume showcases all your hard work as a creative worker. Therefore, you should make sure that it does not look lame.


For a creative worker, a resume is a very powerful weapon to attract clients. With an attractive resume, you can get a lot of job offers without the hassle of searching. Unfortunately, many people are still having a lot of difficulties in making an attractive graphic designer resume design.

Keep in mind that making an attractive resume design isn’t as difficult as you might think. To help you overcome this problem, here are some methods that you can try to make your resume design not lame.

Make It Colorful

As a graphic designer, the combination of colors is something you should highlight when creating a resume. This will give the prospective client a glimpse of your design character. Therefore, your resume would get more attention.

Avoid using only one color in your entire resume. It can give the impression that you are less creative and do not dare to stand out among others.

Use Pictures, Not Words

As a graphic designer, you must emphasize the visual side through images and designs rather than words. A graphic designer resume that is too wordy will certainly make it look weird. Even when you want to display typography design, you should make it look concise and easy to digest.

There is no need to describe your greatness in words. Simply provide proof through the design that you put on your resume.

Create an Original Template

Currently, there are lots of resume templates that you can get online. These templates are available for free, although you can also buy it for some bucks on some digital marketplace such as Envato or 99Designs.

However, as a graphic designer, you should make your resume template yourself. The original template will increase your value as a creative worker. Also, an original template allows you to customize your resume design to your needs.


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