Hatsuse Mita by ihrmk: A New Dwelling with A Simple Structure and Rooms as Rental Housing

Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 6

Located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Hatsuse Mita is designed by ihrmk and completed in 2019. A new dwelling is proposed in this project, with a simple structure and rooms designed as rental housing with different plans. There are 13 dwelling units with various shapes and common areas inside the building.


Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 1

A rental house with an owner’s dwelling unit genera.lly has a rental dwelling unit on the lower floor and also an owner living on the top floor but this project is different. This new dwelling is set up for the owner’s family who has to move because of the redevelopment.

Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 2

The architect decides to propose a dwelling that can withstand future changes, especially in the family structure and society instead of living in the “owner’s dwelling unit” together. All rooms are designed as rental housing with different plans without a hierarchy for each unit. The family has a chance to choose a unit as a “private room”. It is a “big house” where people can feel each sign with the same feeling as a home.



Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 3

The building is located between the large condominiums, along the densely packed low-rise wooden houses and the national highway. Frame with 310 mm square columns and beams are arranged at 1,350 mm intervals as a scale to mediate the grain texture and size of the nearby environment with contrast.

Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 4

There is a “Meguri Doma” as a margin and room in the center of the simple structure, and also small spaces like “Living Room”, “Inner Terrace”, and “Open Terrace”. These spaces are mixed around it while the composition of the space is continuous. Inside and outside are mixed too.


Meguri Doma

Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 5

Meguri Doma is a space without stagnation or depth. It is a shared staircase with a roof and atrium. It also has no bright atmosphere due to the wind and light passing through the dwelling units and inner terrace. At each landing, benches will be set up and serve as a study and second living room.

Hatsuse Mita By Ihrmk 6

An outdoor kitchen is set up too on the shared terrace. The plan is to allow each resident to spend three or five times in a large atmosphere in his / her favorite place. This atmosphere is created by the presents of the dwelling units with common areas and various shapes.


Hatsuse Mita Gallery


Photographer: INATSUGU Taisuke