Highland House: A Large Central Core with Double-High Ceilings

Highland House 11

Located in the beautiful Issaquah Highlands, Highland House is a 2020 project of a 3,000-square-foot home by Coates Design Architects. With double-high ceilings, a large central core can anchor the heart of the home strongly.



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It is a home built with an awesome inspiration that comes from architectural simplicity.

There is a large central core with double-high ceilings that can anchor the heart of the home while a gable roof is used to create a contemporary look on a classic design. The white walls of the home are accented with light hardwood cabinetry.

Inside, the concrete floors extend through the home’s first storey. The interior is also beautified with a splash of color from bumblebee yellow drawers in the kitchen.



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The heart of the home consists of a large living area and kitchen. There are two wings in this home: the east wing is for family activities and the west wing is for the garage. A ping-pong table, swimming pool, and a 600-square-foot exercise/sunroom can be found on the west wing as a part of family activities.



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A U-shaped floating staircase leads occupants to the second floor. On this floor, there is a hardwood sky bridge that divides the master room from the other two bedrooms.

The clients also love natural lighting so generous sliding glass doors and vast windows are presented to create a light-filled interior.


Highland House 10

Highland House 11

A seamless transition from the wall to the ceiling of the home can be created thanks to the modern gable roof.

This stunning home exemplifies that a classic design can be implemented through the balanced integration of modern features.


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Photographer: Michael Walmsley