Hoke House: A Dramatic Space in the Middle of A Vibrant Outdoor Environment

Hoke House 13

Designed for John and Karen Hoke as clients, Hoke House offers a dramatic interior space in the middle of a vibrant outdoor environment. This 4,800 sq ft house is located on the edge of Portland’s renowned Forest Park.



Hoke House 1

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Hoke House 5

The final design of this house minimizes the building footprint, offering a floating, forested tree-house experience.

This house sits in the middle of a vibrant outdoor environment. It has a dramatic interior space with an eye-catching look.

Technical challenges of this project come from the sloping site, resulting in a relatively small buildable area that provides flowing spaces.



Hoke House 6

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Hoke House 8

Hoke House 9

Hoke House 10

This sophisticated house uses primitive and technological for its building systems and materials. It combines cutting-edge details with spaces, textures, and surfaces. There is also an extensive system of decks and patios connected to the house’s interior spaces by floor to ceiling openings.



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Hoke House 15

The outdoor living zones of this house sit in opposite cardinal directions from the core living spaces. These zones provide cozy and useable outdoor spaces for the occupants to spend the days through different seasons.

It is a house that reflects its location and is in harmony with its surroundings.


Hoke House Gallery

Images Source: Skylab Architecture