Home 09 by i29 interior architects: Home that Truly Connect with Nature

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Home 09, is located on the edge of the Kennemer dune in Vroymendal, the Netherlands with a 490 m² building area. It is a sustainable housing that follows a minimalist design and shows respect for humans and nature.

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At the same time, this project is located in a unique residential area rich in natural elements such as plants and animals. Designers at i29 interior architects worked on the interior of the villa designed by the architects of Paul de Luther.

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From the beginning of the project Home 09, it was clear the goal of preserving the landscape around the villa as much as possible. A basement was made for the house, and the first floor was divided into half and placed on the slope of the hill.

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On the first floor, a tower is built over a partially glazed thread and a landscape of undulating sand dunes. Both the north and south elevations of the first floor are made of large windows, while the east and west sides are closed.

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Particular attention was paid to the use of energy. It is designed with excellent insulation with an efficient and compact structure. The available energy is used effectively, and the roof’s geothermal energy device, heat pump, and solar collector collect the energy.

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The core values ​​of the interior and exterior designs are the materials and details of the building. The large glass and patio receive maximum sunlight, giving residents the feeling that the villa and the landscape are one.

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To bring nature to the inside, the interior functions of the house are all made of natural materials. Designers created large wooden surfaces throughout the house to connect different spaces.

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They are made of materials such as cabinets, wardrobes, walls, sliding doors, beds, and lots more. Pinewood panels were used as premium finishing materials with fine details.

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Photography: i29 interior architects

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