House 47 by Reimers Risso Arquitectura: Local Architecture in Three Levels of A House

House 47 11

Completed by Reimers Risso Arquitectura in 2016, House 47 is a three-level house located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is an awesome house that sits in the town center. Anonymous local architecture is enhanced in this project, blending in a mix of fragments to create a language of the building.


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The strategy of the architect consists of designing spaces that can be adapted to the constant shifts in the program required and also taking a lot of advantages of the site’s area as much as possible. With the use of some different natural materials too, this house can blend well into its surrounding landscape.



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House 47 6

This house has three levels. The first level is a ground hall, used for garages and hall. The second floor is a mid-level floor with a green area. The first floor is used for public areas, the second floor is designed for bedrooms, and there is also a green roof terrace to allow the residents to enjoy the view in their free time.



House 47 7

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House 47 9

This house has one simple concrete grid that shows a clear spatial sequentiality. It also has a stair that used as a connector and oblique structural plane. The house facades are designed from the structure and it is associated with needs and qualities from the inside space to increase the relationship between the environment and the house,

House 47 10

House 47 11

House 47 12

This project combines closing systems with a simple flexible plan that regulates and sifts to what extent the inside connects to the outside, especially by continuous urban landscape visuals. For the closing systems, the architect combines materials to evoke popular traditions. Diverse modulations also can be expressed by exposing the color and texture.

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House 47 14

It is a project where anonymous local architecture is enhanced and also makes up the language of the building by blending in a mix of fragments.


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Photographer: Fernando Schapochnik