IFUB* Wohnung S: preserve and careful redesign

Ifub Wohnung S 5

Refurbishment, redesign, and reorganization of a condominium from the older times were managed perfectly by IFUB* through the journey the took in planning Wohnung S that occupy 205 m² of area.

Ifub Wohnung S 5

The apartment occupies the entire mezzanine floor of an Art Deco villa from 1931 in Vienna’s 13th district. In the process, an anteroom, the old and narrow kitchen, and a staff room together was replanned to form the new kitchen-plus-living room. Two inner walls were removed for this. Otherwise, the floor plan remained unchanged.

Ifub Wohnung S 3

The view towards the dining room shows the harmonious interplay of old and new. Built-in cupboard from the inventory on the right front, newly fitted kitchen on the left front, with old kitchen furniture integrated into the center-left.

Ifub Wohnung S 2

The transition between the anteroom and the kitchen is now fluid. In addition to plenty of storage space and a sink, a pull-out cupboard was integrated into the new, space-forming, white kitchen furniture.

Ifub Wohnung S 7

As much material as possible was also retained in the furnishings: windows, floors, and fitted wardrobes were refurbished, old tiles were used in new places and the building services were replaced.

Ifub Wohnung S 4

The core of the energy supply is now a gas condensing boiler. Aesthetic preferences of the clients provided starting points for the general design overhaul happened on the IFUB* Wohnung S.

The new fireplace has been integrated into the design concept and now warms the living room in the cold winter months.

Ifub Wohnung S 1

Interventions in the structured arrangement were done cautiously and the design was generally held. It was especially energizing to manage the numerous unique subtleties and furniture that should have been incorporated, reevaluated, and enhanced.

Ifub Wohnung S 6

The completely renewed building technology is now hidden behind and in all the mirror cabinets of the entrance. Central access, maximum space-saving, and at the same time absolutely invisible.





Photograph: IFUB*