How to Make Your Infographic Design Looks More Compelling

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Creating a compelling infographic design is not an easy task. However, it is also not that difficult. Here are some insights for you.


Using infographic design to emphasize your point in an article, project presentation, or school assignment is quite bothersome, especially if you are not familiar with the digital design.

However, while everyone can learn to use essential design software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, the real challenge in creating an infographic lies in the way you present your work. After all, without a compelling design, no one would take a second look on it.

Common Mistakes in Creating Infographics

Before starting, you should know some common mistakes that are often made in creating an infographic. The explanation below will give you a clearer picture, so you don’t make the same error.

First, you must understand that infographic does not need to cover too much data frequency. Just enter some data that you consider crucial and need to be known by your audience.

For example, If you make an infographic about the richest soccer club at the moment, you only need to display club wealth data in the past 5 to 10 years, no need to enter the club wealth data from the first time they operate because it is irrelevant.

Second, avoid using an infographic design that has too many shapes and colors. Since the main purpose of making infographics is to present data concisely, you do not need to make a design that is excessive and too flashy.

Compress Your Data and Give It a Little Touch of Humor

The data spectrum presented in an infographic must be compressed so your audience can easily digest it. Do not make infographic designs with raw data because it will confuse the reader.

Lastly, you can also embed a little touch of humor in the infographic design that you made. Like adding funny comments about the data being discussed or popular memes that are relevant to your infographics.


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