The Main Characteristics of Innovative Product Design

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These characteristics describe the innovative products designs in both current and recent years.


Innovative products are designed with the needs of the global community in mind. In addition, such products should have special characteristics which make them different from the common commodity. Below are some typical and noticeable qualities that are often found in innovative product design.

1. Embracing technology

An innovative product currently uses technology as a vehicle to explore deeper ideas. Technology-based products serve as an answer to the everyday problem. It can start from a simple concept in a matter of routine, or in a more complex manner that can accommodate the future’s expectation.

2. Delivering efficiency

Practicality and efficiency are two main purposes that should be fulfilled by innovative products. In short, the product should make its users’ lives better and deliver easier access in the process.

3. Providing good quality and maintenance

An innovative product provides not only good quality design, but also offers favorable maintenance. Both elements—quality and maintenance—will maximize the product’s value and at the same time, putting trust in the customers’ hands. This concept especially works in the product which applies new methods and ideas that have never used in the past.

4. Improving value consistently

It is true that people, technology, and the environment always experience a constant change throughout the time. Therefore, to keep up with this undeniable situation, the innovative products should experience the same process. One important characteristic that they should have is a consistent improvement. By following the flow of social and environmental change, the products will be able to improve their value and continue to exist in a long period of time.
Innovative products that are designed based on those characteristics will be able to get through the development process in both recent and future years. They can also be outstanding in their own way since they rely greatly on the human-centric and technology-based approaches.




  1. Some of these products are so innovative they need explanations. Somebody familiar with the item would say it is obvious. Some great inventions (like the safety pin) did not make money for the inventor because people did not know what it was.

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