Intermediate Stories: A Four-Storey House with the Use of Different Materials

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Completed in 2017 by HYLA Architects, Intermediate Stories is a modern house located in Singapore. An extra level has been inserted into this house, transforming the house into a four-storey house. A contrast but still in balance look can be created thanks to the use of different materials.



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The architect has an opportunity to re-examine the typology for an intermediate terrace house after the planning authority has revised the planning guidelines for landed housing. This revision allows for more flexibility in the internal layouts of a house.

An extra level is inserted into this house, transforming the house into a four-storey house.



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Below the existing level, the ground floor is where the service and parking areas are. The second level becomes the main living area with a private courtyard and a double-volume space.

A custom concrete air block has two functions: screening the courtyards and as a climbing wall for the house owner’s cat.

There is also a mezzanine level that contains two kids’ rooms while the study and master room can be found in the attic.



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There are some different materials used for this house.

The contrast look comes from the off-form concrete and a grey facebrick with the timber used for the furniture and floors inside the house.

The cantilevered staircase is done in an insitu-off form concrete with a steel edge that holds the banisters.


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Principal Architect: Mr. Han Loke Kwang

Assistant Architects: Trang Tran, Amanda Tay, Thomas Ong

Main Contractor: V-Tech Construction Pte Ltd

Structural Engineer: GCE Consulting Engineers

Photographer: Derek Swalwell