KMM3 Apartment by ISSHOArchitects: An Apartment Building with An Intermediary Space

KMM3 Apartment By ISSHOArchitects 5

Started in 2008 and finished in 2010, KMM3 Apartment provides 9 units apartment building in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by ISSHOArchitects, this apartment building introduces an intermediary space that can enrich the comfort for the occupants.


KMM3 Apartment By ISSHOArchitects 1

Each unit inside this apartment has an intermediary space at a window between inside and outside the building. The design of this space can redefine a living experience in a typical low-rise housing, especially in a highly dense area of Tokyo. This area usually has scenery from room and distance among buildings which is often not pleasant.



KMM3 Apartment By ISSHOArchitects 2

The intermediary space in each unit of the apartment offers variation in depth. This variation also can diffuse the sense of distance between outdoor and indoor. This way makes the occupant’s comfort is enriched. The floor in each unit is designed in wood to provide a warmer atmosphere inside in winter.



KMM3 Apartment By ISSHOArchitects 5

From a distance, this apartment building looks like a box where there are many windows that stick out from the surface of the outer wall. With the flat roof and clear lines on its structure design, this apartment is very easy to be recognized and also interesting to be seen.


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Photographer: Jun Vera(Jun Kanna)