15 Top Lamp Designs for Bedroom

Today, you will easily find some lamp designs which are unique and interesting to be used, including for your bedroom. The bedroom sometimes needs a different lamp design, especially if you need a night lamp for your sleeping time. You can choose to use a table lamp or a standing lamp according to your bedroom interior design. The bedroom lamp is not only perfect for your bedroom light but also one of the best things to decor the room interior. Here are 15 lamp design for a bedroom for you to choose.


1. Ball Lamp Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 1

Source: Pinterest

The ball lamp design is perfect for your tiny bedroom, especially if you live in an apartment. You can use this kind of lamp to decor the bedroom desk too.


2. Unique Lamp Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 2

Source: Pinterest

This lamp design actually is a simple lamp. One thing that makes it looks awesome is the cover. It makes the bedroom looks stylish too.


3. Lamp Design for Vintage Bedroom

Lamp Design For Bedroom 3

Source: Pinterest

Having a vintage bedroom means you need to choose the unique lamp design just like this one. It is a chandelier with a ball frame.


4. Plant Stand with Lamp

Lamp Design For Bedroom 4

Source: Pinterest

Look at this plant stand. It is not only a plant stand with its wooden material but also a cool object to put the bedroom lamp.


5. Modern Ball Lamp

Lamp Design For Bedroom 5

Source: Pinterest

Besides the lighting on the wall, this bedroom is also designed with a modern lamp design. With the ball shape, it looks perfect to be put on the table.


6. Light Bulb Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 6

Source: Pinterest

This light bulb is so cute, especially the way to put it in the bedroom. The design of the bedroom lets the light cable decorates the room nicely with the frames on the wall.


7. Lamp Design with Rattan

Lamp Design For Bedroom 7

Source: Pinterest

This bedroom has a relaxed style with the blue color of the covers, the bedroom stools, and also the lamp with its rattan design.


8. Cool Lamp Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 8

Source: Pinterest

The design of the lamp in this bedroom is so cool. The lamps are designed in a long shape and they are collected into one to create a unique design.


9. DIY Corbel Sconce Light

Lamp Design For Bedroom 9

Source: Pinterest

Need a vintage lamp design? Try to make this at your home. It is a DIY corbel sconce light which is so interesting to decor your bedroom.


10. Table Lamp Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 10

Source: Pinterest

This master bedroom has a beautiful color on the wall. It is also decorated with a pretty standing lamp with the stylish pattern on it.


11. Wall Lamp Design

Lamp Design For Bedroom 11

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using a table lamp, you can try to use this kind of lamp. It is a wall lamp design that you can put on the wall near your bedroom side table.


12. Polyhedron Lamp

Lamp Design For Bedroom 12

Source: Pinterest

It is a cool and a beautiful lamp design for your bedroom. You can try to make it using your own creativity. Don’t forget to put the light string inside.


13. Small Light Bulbs

Lamp Design For Bedroom 13

Source: Pinterest

This girl bedroom is not only beautiful with the pink and white colors but also cute with some small light bulbs which are hung from the ceiling near the pinky wall.


14. Lamp Design for Neutral Bedroom

Lamp Design For Bedroom 14

Source: Pinterest

When you have a neutral bedroom interior design, you can still make it looks awesome by choosing the unique lamp design which is different from the regular one.


15. Slim Standing Lamp

Lamp Design For Bedroom 15

Source: Pinterest

This simple bedroom gets a beautiful slim lamp design. The lamp is kind of a standing lamp with its yellow color and small light.

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