Le Mon House: A House Extensive Renovation with Intricate Details

Le Mon House 1

Located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Le Mon House is a renovation project completed by Fabian Tan Architect in 2012. A supposedly simple renovation to a mid-terrace developed into an extensive renovation with intricate details.


Le Mon House 1

Le Mon House 2

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Le Mon House 4

Le Mon House 5

This renovation project is done for a mother and her daughter with intricate details inspired by her openness to ideas.

There is a red door in the entry area that becomes a dominant feature of the frontage. This door also pays homage to large Chinese temple doors.

A linear open concept can be found on the ground floor main living area while some parts of the house architecture are made minimal to highlight the extensive collection of Chinese antiques of the client.



Le Mon House 6

Le Mon House 7

Le Mon House 8

Le Mon House 9

Le Mon House 10

An emphasis on security can be seen in the details of the house.

The first detail is the sculptural 3d grill window that is used to diver the notion of common metal security grilles.

The second detail is the layered concrete columns to create strict privacy and allow ambient light and ventilation at the same time.



Le Mon House 11

Le Mon House 12

Le Mon House 13

Le Mon House 14

Le Mon House 15

The spaces can be connected to each other and light can be provided as well thanks to the central courtyard. The living room is lifted to provide the first floor with a visual expansion. The owner and her daughter can enjoy the awesome views of the hills and forests in a secret rooftop garden.


Le Mon House Gallery

Photography: Eiffel Chong