Loom House: One of the Most Sustainable Residences in the World

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Completed in 2019 by Miller Hull, Loom House is a project of a high-end, sustainable residence located on Bainbridge Island, Washington. It is a classic 1960s Northwest-style home’s extensive renovation that is Living Building Challenge Certified.


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It is a 3,200 square feet single-family house that consists of an existing south and north home. The home is renovated to offer updated interiors, provide self-sufficient systems, and improve the building envelope while maintaining the home’s original architectural character.

A storage area and a new detached carport are added for the owner’s electrical vehicles and bicycles. Made of natural materials, the custom furniture and furnishings are crafted by local artists to create a comfortable feeling for the interiors.



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The existing landscape of the house consists of ornamental plantings and has been completed with thoughtful landscape improvements. There is also a new elevated walkway that creates a path through the mature, 200-foot tall evergreens over a natural stone installation.

Urban agriculture of this awesome property is provided by a variety of edible berries and vegetables, including a mycological foraging forest.



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This project has achieved Living Building Challenge certification through a strict materials Red List, food production, and net-positive energy and water. It is considered one of the most sustainable residences in the world.

On the south home, there is a photovoltaic system that provided energy and battery storage that ensures resilience. A grey water treatment system and rainwater cisterns ensure resources are managed and conserved well.


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Photography: Kevin Scott and Ben Schauland