A Practical Guide to Select Lounge Chair Design for the Living Room

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From size to color, here are some things to consider when choosing a lounge chair design for the living room.


The term lounge chair is closely associated with chaise lounge, a type of long, upholstered sofa that can be used to support your legs. In the United States, the lounge chair also refers to any type of long reclining chairs. This type of chair is both stylish and comfortable for your living room, especially if you choose the right lounge chair design. Use the following points as a guide to choose the best lounge chair for the living room.

1.    Look at the size of the chair

Before buying a lounge chair, take your living room area into account and plan out where you want to place the chair. Such considerations will help you determine the right size of the chair, including the width of its base and legs. Therefore, the chair you choose will not be too big or not accommodating enough for the room.

2.    Select a suitable fabric

Besides lounge chair design, the fabric of the chair is equally important to consider. Lounge chair comes in various types of fabric, such as leather, suede, velvet, even microfiber. Selecting the chair’s fabric should be based on your home condition. For instance, if there are children or pets, it is better to choose the durable fabric which is easy to clean.

3.    Decide the lounge chair’s color and pattern

Another important matter to think about when opting for a lounge chair is its color and pattern. In this case, you may want to consider the whole design of the living room. If you go for a minimalist look, choose a lounge chair in neutral colors which is lack of pattern. Conversely, if you want to make the chair look stand out in the room, choosing one which features stripes or floral prints is more preferable.

In conclusion, choosing a lounge chair is simply based on size, fabric, and design, including the chair’s colors and patterns. By looking at the practical guide above, now you can look for the right lounge chair design that will be a great addition to the living room.


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