145 Awesome Magazine Layout Designs

A great advantage of this type of solution is that you can place every problem in your PressPad publisher panel in a Portable Document Format format and customers of the magazine will immediately see consecutive issues on their tablets or smartphones. The Fast – Company publication correctly noted in the article Your App Is The Brand Now that you don’t have an application you may actually be invisible to the quickest growing audience of customers: More than a million app users already exist, and that marketplace is growing at almost 30% every year. Its mobile application is an ideal complement to the printed magazine.

Not only the name itself has gone to cellular platforms, but also they accommodate their publishing platform to new customer expectancies. Certainly, you do not have to invest countless dollars to appear on the cellular platform with your magazine, but the case of the Guardian is just intriguing and informative for each digital magazine publisher. If you need the digital version of your magazine read on cellular devices to use the possibility of mobile devices completely and also to make the User Experience the most precious, stick to the following rules when making a Portable Document Format of your magazine.

Use 1 or 2 column layout so as to possess a digital publication design that is legible and good looking. Mobile applications on mobile phones and tablets enable you to view publications in portrait or horizontal modes. In case of portrait mode only one page may be displayed and in case of landscape style two pages may be displayed at the same time. Another intriguing idea is to utilize a grid, where each component is just a preview of the next articles and it has interlinks with that you may easily jump to the location in the magazine. In case your magazine or other publication consists of several pages this kind of grid can be a pleasant change for the reader, who and also serves as the internal menu. What would reading on a pill be without having the ability to enjoy beautiful illustrations. The first and probably the most crucial illustration in the magazine is the cover of the magazine, that has to attract the reader attention, and in case of electronic publishing has to trigger sales.

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