How to Get Started with Magazine Layout Design

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Getting started with magazine layout design? Check out some advice you can take in the initial step.


Magazine layout design plays an important role in the publication world, either in the digital publishing or printed media. With the aim of catching the readers’ attention, its main duty is delivering informative contents in a stylish way. This is not an easy work to do since designers should keep both content and style in balance.

When designing a magazine layout, a number of elemental features should be taken into consideration. For starters, the content should come with a headline and an introductory paragraph. Both of them are crucial in attracting interest, thus, should be arranged in a compelling, yet meaningful way.
In terms of typography, the headline uses the biggest font, while the introductory paragraph applies a smaller size of letters, but still slightly bigger than the rest of the content. Different color choices can also be used to highlight the introduction section.

Moreover, other features which are not less important to be included in a magazine layout are images and quotes. In general, the images serve as a complementary element. Along with the appropriate caption, images in a magazine article will give a visual description to the readers and at the same time, make them understand the content better.

The impact of images is strengthened by pull quotes. Whether they use the portion or the summary of the article, quotes will make the content look more compelling. They are also useful for conveying the important message of the story. Quotes in a magazine layout are commonly presented in different font and color from the content.

Although there are several features that need be included in magazine layout design, it should be understood that the nature of design itself is free. You can always design the layout differently, as long as it fulfills its main purpose: inviting the readers to read the rest of the article.


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