Tricky Ways to Create a Lively Magazine’s Table of Content Design

Brilliant Magazine Table Of Contents Design 1

Liven up your magazine’s table of content design with these fabulous tricks, be it with graphic or with top view photography.


The traditional magazine’s table of content design needs change. It’s true that the functional element remains there yet the look is incredibly customary. There is no wonder that the first page readers often deal with the boredom. Otherwise speaking, you need to put a little more creativity to let the content design full of vim and vigor.

Here are some inspiring tricks to end the ennui:

1. Make a Graphic Visual System

Enliven the early sheet with the colorful visual system making your eye-bore away. Each chapter in the magazine is presented in graphic detail. Interestingly, the graphic is then piled up together generating another version, relatively bigger on the counter page. For the designing, you can create a circle dissected into several parts full of bright colors.

2. A Preview with Attractive Images.

The general information in the magazine can be conveyed to the readers by way of image visualization. Take this technique in the table section. You are free to insert a couple of beautifully clear images linked to the page number. This concept appears to be like a sneak peak arousing the public’s curiosity.

3. Top View Photography Shouldn’t be Missed

One of the sought-after magazine’s tables of content design is nothing else but the top view photography. With a large image of highly considered photography located in the center, the readers’ zest for reading feels like stimulated. Don’t miss out on integrating it with your table of contents.

4. A Gallery Feel Concept

Give the table of content highlighting a gallery fee a shot. It’s to allow the readers to navigate the magazine easily. Add some appealing ornaments displaying small images along with a brief description of each chapter. At a glance, it looks like a simple yet motivating catalog.

Succinctly, your magazine’s table of content design looks fresh and catchy with some approaches offered. Leave the conventional one and go for the latter-day ways.



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