Möbius House by UNStudio: A Single-Family Home Designed with People in Mind

Möbius House By UNStudio 3

Located in Het Gooi, Netherlands, Möbius House is a single-family house project that realized in 1998 with 520 m2 in size. This house is owned by a Dutch couple and it is designed with people in mind by UNStudio. The design is a direct response to the request to shape the family home with an intertwining trajectory that aligns the bedrooms and working spaces.


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Möbius House By UNStudio 2

Möbius House By UNStudio 3

A Dutch couple commissioned a home in 1993. This home could structure some different aspects of family life such as dining, playing, working, and sleeping. This house is designed with an intertwining trajectory to respond to the need of this family that aligns the bedrooms and working spaces with some collective areas at the intersections.



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This house sits in a green residential area near Amsterdam, surrounded by tall beach trees and meadows. The angled and curved lines of the spatial loop can reflect the varied landscape. The glazed surfaces of the house interact with spectacular natural surroundings. This project is also about a kaleidoscopic fusion of the house and its landscape.



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Möbius House By UNStudio 9

The loop’s intertwining trajectory relates to the working cycle and 24-hour living of the family. This house is also designed in an exterior concrete shell that transforms into the interior furniture as this loop inverts, The glass facades also become internal partitions of the house.



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This house is designed to respond to the request to shape this family home, especially around the family’s daily activities. It is also a project that responds to the flows of the family lives and their working activities while integrating the surrounding natural landscape at the same time. The result of the design is a highly bespoke family home.


Möbius House Gallery


Photographer: © Christian Richters, © Eva Bloem