5 Elegant and Modern Analog Watch Designs for Posh Look

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Modern watch designs offer elegance and unique look in the smartphone era. Here are five watches that defy expectation


Wearing analog watches in these times and day has become a symbol of class and elegance. Modern watch designs are created to draw attention and give a personal touch. They also have unique design elements that are far from old-fashioned. These five analog watches have elegant and luxurious designs for men and women.

1. Mirror-sheen polished watch

Radio Automatic’s True Face watch improves the basic with minimalistic dial panel polished to almost mirror-sheen level. Polish architect Oskar Zieta contributed to the unique polished sheen. The watch has subtle rose gold arms that create unique color bursts among all the grey.

2. Shade-shifting meteorite dial watch

Several high-end watch brands have created meteorite dial panels, but nothing came close to Parmigiani’s Fleurier Tonda Blue Abyss. The meteorite stone was treated with acid baths before painted blue. The result is a crystalline blue dial panel that can shift to dark purple, depending on the light.

3. Bright dual straps

Baume & Mercier combined elegance with modern style in Petite Promesse. This watch looks like other women’s high-end watches, with a sleek round dial and diamond case. However, instead of using regular straps, this watch offers dual rubber straps with asymmetrical touch and bright orange color. A great combination to create a statement.

4. “Industrial” look with a brushed finish

Nomos never makes extreme style changes in its dial watch designs. However, its Metro Silvercut watch uses unique horizontal brush finish on its rhodium dial plate, creating an industrial look on the otherwise elegant watch. The only bursts of color are the thin red second hands and number markers.

5. Bringing nature to the watch

Rado’s True Thinline Nature and Jaeger-Le Coultre’s Rendez-Vous Night & Day bring natural elements to the elegant watches. The True Thinline Nature has leaf texture as its dial pattern, with sheer green metal straps. Meanwhile, the Rendez-Vous has a blue celestial pattern on the classic white dial panel.

These modern watch designs are not only modern, but they also show a unique style that no smartphone watch can compete with.



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