MS5 by Malu de Miguel: A Single-Family House with Rough and Vibrant Texture

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 28

Designed by Malu de Miguel, MS5 is a project of a single-family house located in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain. This house sits on a plot of little more than a thousand meters and most of the house parts are developed on the ground floor. It is an atypical program to accommodate a family nucleus made up of three generations. The two materials used for this house have rough and vibrant texture.


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Most of the house parts are developed on the ground floor with a double-height in the living room, articulating the two floors’ small area. The front setback strip can form an open space that serves as a parking lot for the visitors and it expands the street like a small square. With closed boundaries and continuous fences in urbanism, it is very surprising for the generosity when giving away this area of the site and from which the house also benefits.



MS5 By Malu De Miguel 30

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 29

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 28

It is a project with an atypical program and its novelty consists of being old and almost forgotten. The configuration is designed in two pavilions. There is also an organization of the plant that goes beyond the traditional distribution of the “children’s” and “main bedrooms”. The rooms are occupied by the decisions of the family and not by the house imposition.

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 27

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 26

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Some shades spaces are sought with a continuity inside and outside the house. The house tours are endless circuits where the continuous space runs from one place to another. People can play and escape inside the house spaces without routes and with an inevitable end.



MS5 By Malu De Miguel 24

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 23

MS5 By Malu De Miguel 22

There two materials that harmonized through its vibrant and rough texture. The exposed concrete formwork with the OSB board has a texture that makes it a warm and friendly material while the rustic facing brick is paired with a mortar similar to a brick. When the house is open, its materiality will make it like a covered exterior. This brick is also used in some other parts of the house.


MS5 Gallery


Photographer: Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero

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