Music Shed by Campos Studio: A Tiny Architectural Solution with A Timber, Light-Filled ‘Music Shed’

Music Shed By Campos Studio 6

Campos Studio creates a tiny architectural solution with its timber, light-filled ‘music shed’ in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Called as Music Shed, it is a project where a client needs a residential addition to resolve new spatial requirements as their needs expanded and evolved. Completed in 2017 with 48 sq ft in size, the result is a comfortable family house with an awesome design of the music shed.


Music Shed By Campos Studio 1

Music Shed By Campos Studio 2

Music Shed By Campos Studio 3

The family tried to find out the best design of a dedicated space to create music after a few years of occupying leftover and impractical spaces. The only way is to introduce an addition with an exempted structure measuring under 50 square feet due to the occupation of the house on the lot’s maximum allowable area. With the design of the music shed, there is a challenging set of parameters.



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Music Shed By Campos Studio 5

Music Shed By Campos Studio 6

As a small structure, this project is inspiring, unobtrusive, and secure. It is nestled within a tight, wedge-shaped lot, programmed as a sanctuary dedicated to the production and creation of music. The volume is expanded to generate a space that overcomes its tight footprint restraints and to occupy the most unusable space on the narrow site. This expansion creates an atypical footprint that is triangular in plan. Furthermore, it is also expanded vertically upward toward a single skylight and flooding the interior with natural daylight.



Music Shed By Campos Studio 7

This shed also opens outward through sliding glass doors and concealed by a secondary door. This door is finished in the shed’s uniform timber siding. This project appears as a singular object in its closed condition. It is an object that back-dropped by the lush garden: a secret music box.

Music Shed By Campos Studio 8

It becomes integrated into the garden when it is opened and the deck transforms into a courtyard. With simple materials and standard construction techniques, this shed provides a small but separate space while the studio provides a creative space for its occupants.


Music Shed Gallery


Photographer: Andrew Latreille