Recommended New Balance Shoes for Marathon (Men and Women)

Ultimate New Balance Shoes Design (10)

New Balance shoes have become New York Run’s official sports gear. Find out which shoes recommended for running even in NYC.


TCS New York City Marathon has chosen New Balance shoes as the official footwear for city running events. The shoes have been available since June 2018 at selected venues and retail. They were designed to provide the best athletic supports for runners and reflect the NYC’s spirit perfectly.

You can absorb the spirit for your marathon event by buying the special edition shoes. Here are some of the recommended products.

Men’s Shoes

The New Balance Men Shoes provide great support and comfort for every dedicated city runner.

1. 574 NYC Marathon

The 574 NYC Marathon are basic running shoes with special EVA cushion for the midsole and heel. Black mesh and rubber sole provide great comfort and support when running.

2. 860v9 NYC Marathon

These shoes have a special design with city line image on the outer sole and the words “New York” on the side. They have TRUFUSE midsole for ultimate support and comfort.

3. 1080v8 NYC Marathon (Fresh Foam)

The Fresh Foam are premium shoes with Fresh Foam midsole, breathable mesh fabric, and special flexed grooves on the soles. They provide comfort and support for long-distance city running.

Al the shoes have patterns and color schemes inspired by New York City blocks.

Women’s Shoes

The Women’s Shoe series combine style and technology for better comfort and support.

1. 1400v6 NYC Marathon

The 1400v6 has REVlite cushioning technology for support, while the engineered mesh and internal cage protect the feet. The shoes have white-and-copper shades with 3D emblem for an eye-catching look.

2. FuelCell Impulse

The FuelCell Impulse provides lightweight feeling while running, thanks to nitrogen injection on the front sole. REVlite cushioning technology provides great support and comfort.

Some of the shoes, such as the 574 and Fresh Foam, are available as unisex shoes. You can pair them with the official sports gear to create complete look and protection while competing.

New Balance shoes combine premium design and style in their models. Let the spirit from NYC running events reflected in your sports gear when wearing these special edition shoes.