Here are Some of The Best Ways to Make a Flashy Packaging Design

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Creating a flashy packaging design without overdoing it is a bit tricky. Here are some of the best ways to do it.


Packaging design is one of the things that can attract buyers’ interest in a product. Without attractive packaging, the products you sell can lose competitiveness in the market despite having excellent quality.

Make the packaging of your product looks more attractive by modifying its appearance to make it look “flashy.” However, you have to pay close attention to the overall appearance of your product. Don’t let your product look tacky and cheap because the packaging design is “too snafu.”

Get those Fonts Right

Product packaging always has some writings on the outside. It can be a brand name or tagline of the product you are selling. You must use the writing to make the packaging look flashier by using unique fonts which are easy to read and recognize by consumers.

Avoid using more than one type of font in your product packaging. Even though it can still be read, different fonts will make the product packaging look strange and inconsistent.

Pop Those Colors

Color is an important element that can be a crucial differentiating factor between your product and competitors. Therefore, give extra attention to the use of colors when you make the packaging design.

Choose one dominant color that attracts the eye. You can adjust the colors with the image of the product you are selling. For example, if you sell glamour-themed beauty products, you should use gold or silver color to give a luxurious impression to the product packaging.

As a suggestion, avoid using the same colors as the more famous competitors since similar color can complicate the image branding that you try to build through your product.

Finally, do not hesitate to use a variety of unique colors. As long as it is used within reasonable limits, a mixture of unique colors can be very effective in attracting consumers’ interest in your products.


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