The automotive world is heading towards electrification at a super-fast rate. Tesla's valuation value, which is claimed to have passed several high-end carmakers such as Toyota and VW, has pushed lots of companies to turn towards the hype train.

Farnova Othello is an electric Hypercar made in China with tremendous claims over its capability. The car is made by Farnova Automotive, a subsidiary of Farnova Yachts which, as the name implies, is experienced in producing and marketing super luxury yachts.

Microsoft announced several new Surface devices. And even though all the headline has been about the Surface Pro X and Pro 8 but the Surface Laptop Studio is also a noteworthy product. The 2-in-1 device doubles as a laptop and folds into a tablet-like device is infinitely flexible.

The appearance of the Triumph Tiger 900 Bond Edition was officially introduced by the British motorcycle manufacturer. On the special occasion, Triumph Motorcycles chose the Tiger 900 Rally Pro as the base model for the Bond Edition.

After teasing the public through a teaser that was first publicized in August, Kawasaki has finally revealed the 2022 Z650RS. Without a doubt, Kawasaki confirms that 2022 is the year of Retrovolution.

Tesla and Rimac are currently the frontrunners in providing new technological potential for the future of cars. Now, the lineup is getting bigger with France startup that wants to join this group of elected representatives, proposing the Hopium Machina, an electric car powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Japanese luxury car manufacturer, Lexus recently launched the 2022 GX 460 which will be the first lineup to get the Black Line Edition variant.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) officially launched the latest generation of Nissan Z. Through the launch, the public can finally see the specifications of the sportscar whose title has been legendary since the 1960s.

Typically, electric motorbikes presented by manufacturers are related to meet daily mobility needs. However, the Danish electric motorcycle manufacturer, Offset Motorcycles, presents the OFR-M1 which is an electric motorcycle for off-road purposes.

With the tagline "future is our legacy", Lamborghini officially introduced the Countach LPI 800-4. The supercar is claimed to have the perfect balance between performance, technology, and Lamborghini prestige.

Opel Rocks-e has been officially introduced. In addition to a unique design, this tiny electric car is claimed to be able to meet the needs of any modern consumer in urban areas.

Sonos had previously released a battery-powered product called Sonos Move for portable use, but now the company is releasing another product with almost the same properties called Sonos Roam.